DIY Projects Can Turn Quarantine Into a Time of Opportunity

DIY Projects Can Turn Quarantine Into a Time of Opportunity:

Doing something productive with your downtime is a perfect way to pass the time in quarantine. You can feel good about accomplishing things, and those good vibes will carry over long after lockdown ends whenever you reflect on how wisely you used the opportunity, and as you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Read on as we explore some DIY projects that bring fresh life to your home and make living there even better.

Small Changes That Pack a Punch:
To get your DIY party started, why not choose something relatively quick and easy? You’ll get the ball rolling, and then you can carry that momentum along into more projects, big or small. For example, Tool Review Lab suggests a bedroom refresher. Rearrange the furniture, snag some new pillows and a duvet, and the room will have a whole new look with minimal investment of time, money, and energy.

If getting outside sounds more appealing, consider a landscaping upgrade. Some fresh mulch, a few blooming shrubs, and giving your lawn a little TLC will make your place look like a million bucks! Even if your area is under lockdown, you can often arrange delivery or curbside pickup from area suppliers. You can help a local business that might be struggling to get through this challenging time, and you get to spruce up your curb appeal, which is ideal if you intend to sell your home in the foreseeable future.

Contemplate ROI:
Speaking of potentially selling your home, if that’s a desire in the back of your mind, projects that improve your home’s value and offer good ROI might be a good place to set your sights. You might want to install a deck or add a tile backsplash in your kitchen. If your bathroom could use an upgrade, toilet replacements and faucet exchanges are reasonably easy, and they’ll give you a good bang for your buck.

The possibilities are nearly endless, so if you’re on the fence about your best options, one way to narrow them down is to take a peek at your local housing market. See what sellers are doing that seems to be working. Redfin explains hot properties in Fort Collins are going pending in just 21 days, whereas average properties sit on the market almost a month longer. A little sleuthing can tell you a lot about where your time and money might be well spent. Prioritize Put-Off Projects Every homeowner has little fixes that get put off. Replacing weary window screens, repairing cracked tiles, mending drywall cracks—again, the list is nearly endless, so check your to-do list for those little projects you’ve been putting off. You can knock one out here and there, and when quarantine ends, you’ll be relieved those tasks are no longer hanging over your head.

Peace of Mind:
Have you considered beefing up your home security? Now could be the perfect opportunity to install a home security system. That way, when quarantine is wrapped up, you can return to your routine knowing your home is protected when you aren’t there. Safewise explains many systems are simple DIY projects, which means you not only gain security, but you also avoid hefty installation fees.

Healthy and Happy:
Since health is at the heart of the quarantine in the first place, putting some extra effort into health-oriented projects seems logical. This can be as simple as giving your home a thorough cleaning with conscientious products and doing a good decluttering. A clean home not only reduces your risk of illnesses, but a tidy, organized space is good for your mental and physical well-being in other ways, too, like reducing anxiety and encouraging productivity.

Filling some of your quarantine time with DIY projects can be great for your mindset, and it can be great for your household. Think about whether you’re up for big projects or small ones, and once you get that ball rolling, you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish. You might not even want quarantine to end! (Well, not as much, anyway….)